The Martial Arts History Museum

For the first time in over 150 plus years, we finally have a Museum dedicated to the history of the martial arts. From China, Japan and more, martial arts came to the West around 1821 and even before that. With them, they brought their art, culture, tradition and of course, their martial arts. Although many people follow a timeline of events that changed America, there is another timeline that had such a profound effect on the West, which is felt today stronger than ever; the influence of the martial arts.

However, without a place of acknowledgement, without a place where history can be revealed, without a place in which pioneers can be remembered, the influence of the martial arts can be lost and its earth-shaking contributors be nothing but a memory.

“A Museum, in this case the Martial Arts History Museum, brings validation to the martial arts. I’m not talking about a validation of certain individuals or of a specific style, but a validation that the martial arts is not just a footnote in a history book, but the martial arts has played a vital role in American history itself,”
– Michael Matsuda, Museum president

We stand on the verge of losing our entire history. Our books are going out-of-print, our magazines are folding up left and right, our old pioneers are all dying right before our eyes. The time for action is now and that is why it is so important to become a strong supporter of the Martial Arts History Museum.

“The world has looked at us for over a century and shoe museums are created, sci fi museums are erected, spy museums are established, etc. The world says if the martial arts is so important to history, why isn’t there a museum for it. Well, now there is. The Martial Arts History Museum is not a who’s who, but a place that reveals how Asian history became part of American history.”

Please take the opportunity to pay a visit to the Museum, become a member and make a donation to the Museum.

Martial Arts History Museum
2319 W. Magnolia Blvd.
Burbank, CA 91506
(818) 478-1722