bracelets: accenting your personality in style

Nature Bracelet This beautiful, multi-layered fashion bracelet is part of our “back to nature” selection. Laced with leather in a natural tone, this braided ornament is adorned with both the museum logo and a metal leaf pendant.  
Girls/Boys Dragon Bracelet
This bracelet is our best seller and will fit women, girls and boys. Impress your friends with this powerfully designed Dragon bracelet. Trendy, yes, fashionable, definitely. Throughout Asia, Dragons are considered lucky.
Our hematite bracelet
Hematite Bracelet
This is a lovely magnetic style bracelet for all to enjoy. Called the Hematite, the dark colored bracelet is affixed with the very cool Museum logo. Fun to wear and elegant to look at, this bracelet is elastic fitting.
Color Magnetic
This very beautiful bracelet is wild and even a partial hematite. This bracelet provides a splash of color plus the benefits of a little magnetic touch. This is a flexible bracelet so fitting is not a big issue.

Pearl Tulip
This bracelet is laced with cosmetic white pearls and small little tulips bursting all around. Adorned with the museum logo, this is an ideal bracelet for black tie events and special occasions. Just lovely.
Pearl Leaf
Adorned with five lovely cosmetic white pearls, a host of inspiring natural style leafs grace this elegant style bracelet. A nice piece for any collection and it shows off the museum logo as well. How much better can it get.
Our hematite bracelet
Chinese Rock
This is a very fun-style bracelet which is laced with cosmetic and very colorful style rocks that will blow your mind. With the museum logo hanging from this bracelet, you can’t go wrong. Be the talk of the town!!!
Abacus Bracelet – coming
This bracelet is filled with cosmetic, white pearls, a lovely abacus, a few more items and the fabulous museum logo. It’s elegant to wear for any occasion and very stylish. It has an elastic wear so it is easy to put on.