The Matsuda Collection

The Martial Arts History Museum is proud to present its first Asian-themed jewelry line, “The Matsuda Collection.”

Asian Artistry

Enjoy a unique collection of Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thailand, Philippine and Hawaiian culture and tradition that can be elegantly worn to any occasion.

Unique, Cultural Jewelry

Beautiful, colorful, cultural and cool, are the images of “The Matsuda Collection.”


Stylish and unique, these Asian-themed bracelets are fun to wear and can fit into any collection. These bracelets are affordable and enjoyable to wear.


Elegant to wear, fashionable to behold, these necklaces add that unique, Asian flare to any wardrobe. Some with and some without the Museum logo.


From “The Matsuda Collection,” enjoy these impressive, Chinese-style earrings which is suitable for any occasion.

The Museum was just making them when I came in the door and I had to be the first to purchase a necklace with the Museum logo on it. Fabulous!!!

Claudia Lopez

Wing Chun Kung Fu artist

Supporting the Martial Arts History Museum is a great cause. Get something to show your support.

Susan Jekarl

Karate student

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